Oxtail Soup Recipe with beer and butter beans

By The Nosh Team -Posted on 4th May 2013  
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Recipe info

Cost: TBC

Serves: 4

Ease: ***

Prep Time: 20 Minutes

Cook Time: 4 Hours


  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 500g oxtail pieces, on the bone
  • 1 onion, sliced
  • 2 carrots, sliced
  • 2 celery sticks, sliced
  • 1 medium potato, cut into chunks
  • 2 sprigs rosemary
  • 2 sprigs thyme
  • 4 mugs water + 2 tablespoons concentrated beef stock or 2 beef stock cubes
  • 1 tablespoon tomato puree
  • 450ml bottle ale
  • 3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 400g tin butter beans
  • salt and pepper
  • parsley to garnish

  1. Heat the oil in a large saucepan.  Add the whole pieces of oxtail and fry until it begins to brown.
  2. Add the onion, carrots, celery and potatoes and fry for 1 minute.
  3. Add the herbs, water, stock, tomato puree, ale and Worcestershire sauce. Bring to the boil and then turn down to simmer, with a lid on the pan, for 4 hours. After 2 hours add another 3 mugs of water, bring back to the boil and then continue to simmer.
  4. Add the butter beans 30 minutes before the end of the cooking time, season the soup well with salt and pepper and continue to simmer.
  5. Once the meat is fully cooked carefully remove from the broth and pull apart the meet from the bone. Discard the bones and gristle and return the meat to the pan.
  6. Sprinkle the parsley into the soup just before serving. Great with some crusty bread



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  • John Bowtell - I like to let the oxtail cool in its own liquid overnight in the fridge so that the fat solidifies on top and can be removed. Take all of the meat from the bones, blitz for a short while in a processor before adding the stock and heating up as normal. This will stick to your ribs in the cold weather.
    07 Oct 2013

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