meet the nosh family



In charge of making things look pretty and stealing ‘surplus’ chocolate from the pantry.



The genius mastermind / cracker of the whip, behind everything we do. Oh and she actually writes all the books.



CEO of washing up, business strategy, grammar and protector of surplus pantry chocolate.



Tim got all the cooking genes from Joy, he is very good at cooking, everything you see here has been cooked by him.

in the beginning there was ben...and he couldn't cook

So this is us! Ok so our surname isn’t NOSH it’s May but we are a legit family. Joy in the middle is the mastermind of all the book, she writes all the recipes and generally works faster than the rest of us. She is also known by the names, Mum and Gran. Ron (aka Dad and Grandad) is the one who keeps us all on track making sure the books get edited, printed, sold and shipped to the various bookshops and stores for you to buy from. Tim on the right is the chief food tester, stylist and editor, he develops the recipes with Joy…essentially he get to eat for a living. Ben on the left, he’s our designer and photographer, he “make pretty picture” [beats chest gorilla] for a living and also gets to eat the food, he was also the hopeless cook that inspired this mini empire. 

Not in the photos is Anna, without her we would be under a rock writing books and nobody would know about them, she is our social media manager and makes sure we actually send out a newsletter with free recipes :-) 

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