How to cook an omelette

By The Nosh Team -Posted on 13th Oct 2012  

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  • The Nosh Team - Hi Kim, thanks for your question, it's a good one, in the gluten-free world, the supermarkets are constantly changing the GF foods they stock. The ingredients also seem to change over time with more and more manufacturers choosing to make their all products gluten-free. A lot of them just had traces of gluten as they used to use certain glutenous thickeners for example, now they all seem to opt for GF ones like xanthan gum instead. That's my guess :-) You are doing the right thing in checking the packet though that's the best thing to do. Our guide in the books obviously has the potential to be out of date the older your books gets, but things like this we actually change when we do new print runs and editions. We don't just hit "print" when we run out of books :-)
    26 Mar 2019
  • KIM WARREN - Hi I'm gluten intolerant and received your Gluten Free recipe book at Xmas which I think is fantastic. However on page 7 you state under the 'no way' section that flavoured yoghurt and fromage frais should be avoided and I wondered why that should be as I've been unable to find anything specific in any ingredient listings I've read. Perhaps you can enlighten me! Many thanks for all your other useful tips and hints, and clear and concise recipes. Kind regards. Kim
    27 Feb 2019

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