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  • The Nosh Team - We don't think it is a typo but you've made us doubt ourselves, so we will test it again
    04 Aug 2020
  • The Nosh Team - you are so welcome Alison
    04 Aug 2020
  • The Nosh Team - You are welcome
    04 Aug 2020
  • Alison - I love this book. It was given to me and I have made some really tasty things from it. It is great to have a book that is for coeliacs but with recipes that don't need lots of fancy ingredients and that actually taste great. My daughter likes baking these recipes too and she is not coeliac like me. thank you so much.
    08 Apr 2020
  • J Shepherd - Hi, We love the chocolate cake in the baking book so much. Its become our go to family birthday cake! Thank you. Just tried the pear and raspberry cake. Is 400g of almond flour a typo? Seems so thick and heavy. And really expensive! Thanks J Shepherd
    01 Mar 2020
  • The Nosh Team - So this what happened with the xanthan gum issue, when we wrote the first book, Doves Farm GF Flour had no xanthan gum in it and then when we came to write the second book GF Baking, it did, so we changed the recipe. We'll come back to you though after our recipe testing, later today hopfully, maybe tomorrow.
    10 Apr 2018
  • The Nosh Team - You Are totally right this is an error, we were already aware of it and it will be corrected in the next print run, however, we thought it should have been 150ml. As a result we are going to test these two recipes again this afternoon for you and let you know.
    10 Apr 2018
  • theresa schofield - Hi I emailed earlier today regarding the white bread loaf recipe page 172 Nosh GF 2017 (150ml water in the ingredient list 250ml in the method). Please can you confirm the correct water measurements for this recipe also please can you advise if I should use a 2lb loaf tin or 3lb. I have also purchased the Gluten Free Baking book and the bread recipes in that book state that if you use Doves Farm bread flour that you don't need xanthan gum is this also correct for the white bread loaf in your first gluten free book because it tells me to use 2 tsp of xanthan gum and doesn't state a particular flour to use just GF bread flour I used Doves Farm, please confirm if it is it ok to use the Doves Farm fast acting dried yeast for the recipe? This was the first recipe I tried and because of the things I was unsure of it has knocked my confidence. Kind Regards Theresa
    08 Apr 2018
  • Theresa Schofield - Hi I have just purchased your NOSH gluten free cook book & I am disappointed to find an error in the first recipe I chose Page 172 White Bread Loaf ingredients stated 150ml of water but the method stated mix 250ml water. I wrongly used 150ml which ruined the recipe and wasted my ingredients.
    08 Apr 2018
  • Jane - Love your Veggie Nosh book for Students. Bought it for my daughter when she went to Uni and had to buy one for myself too. Now buying one for my son. I love the idea of you doing a Gluten free book as I have recently been diagnosed as a Coeliac, but would love one that was full of veggie recipes as I have been a Vegetarian for over 20 years and find it hard sometimes to find inspiration now I am a Coeliac as well.
    05 Aug 2015

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