Surviving your first week at uni: Our FREE ebook

By The Nosh Team -Posted on 14th Aug 2016  

Freshers week is about to start for a whole bunch of new students. This is a very busy time of year for us at the the Nosh Family Kitchen, but it can be a nerve-racking time of year for students and parents alike when it comes to the thought of feeding yourself for the first time.

We figure that before you can survive a whole year you have to survive your first week! So we put together a little ebook that should help you with just that. It gives you all you need from your first shopping list, and a menu of meals for the week, to tips on how to cook perfect rice first time.

Because we are such lovely people we are giving this little book away FOR FREE! Hit the link below and download your copy NOW!




add your comment or request a recipe:

  • Monica - Hi! I'd love to buy a Nosh book with recipes for the lunchbox. I don't fancy eating sandwiches for lunch every single weekday and I'd like to have healthier meals at lunchtime! :)
    21 Jul 2019
  • chop - funny you should say this we are working on a vegan book and a vegetarian book for next year...keep your eyes peeled :-) by the way, don't tell anyone it's a secret :-)
    26 Mar 2018
  • Anthony Cairns - These books are great, do you have one for vegan's :)
    12 Jan 2018
  • The Nosh Team - Well Lillian, there is one of those in the book, NOSH FOR STUDENTS page 88 :-)
    19 Aug 2016
  • Lillian guainiere - I would love to have a recipe for a roast, with crispy roast potatos and veg!
    24 Mar 2016
  • Tahlia penfold - Chicken and broccoli pasta bake
    09 Dec 2015

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